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    The Gozo Association for the Deaf (G.A.D.) supports hearing impaired persons to face the challenges they encounter to enable them to live independently. It also supports their families and collaborates with agencies in the health, educational and social sectors ensuring all the necessary provisions are made available to all hearing impaired persons in order to achieve their full potential.


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PSD Session Handout

Deaf Achievers
Samantha Vella is a twenty-four-year-old hard of hearing Gozitan youth. Her greatest passion is football...
Cochlear implant
A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that does the work of damaged parts of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain...
Hearing Loss in Older Adults
Older adults with hearing loss face many of the same fears that anyone with a disability encounters. They worry about loss of significant relationships or jobs or about being perceived as incompetent...
Sign Language
Deaf people around the world communicate using sign language as distinct from spoken language in their every day lives...
How to Communicate With Deaf People?
Deaf individuals communicate visually and physically rather than audibly...
Hearing loss - Symptoms
Hearing loss is sometimes sudden, but often it's gradual and you may not notice it at first. Being aware of the early signs can help you identify the problem quickly...
Battery facts
As the physical size of the batteries decrease, the amount of ingredients needed to power the battery also decreases, making the battery life shorter for smaller batteries and longer for bigger batteries
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