Hearing aids are very expensive so it is very wise to take good care of them in order to last longer. The climate of the Maltese Islands is very humid. This can affect the function of hearing aids and it is very advisable to keep them as dry as possible. At night and when not in use, you can keep them in a drying container where all the moisture can be absorbed from them. Do not forget to remove the batteries when doing so.

Ear moulds and tubing can become clogged with wax or other debris. Detach them from the hearing aids and clean them with a soft cloth in mild soapy lukewarm (not hot) water. Make sure they are completely dry before attaching them back on the hearing aid. Use a puffer to blow all the moisture out. You can also specially clean them by leaving them overnight in a special container with lukewarm water to which a cleansing tablet has been added.

Do not leave batteries inside the hearing aids when not in use. Batteries can corrode, especially in humid areas and cause great damage to them.

Do not leave dead batteries inside the hearing aid. Have batteries checked before use with a battery tester. Change them if they are not at full strength so as to obtain adequate amplification. Usually batteries last about 1 to 2 weeks, however always keep spare batteries with you as you never know when they stop working. Store them in a cool dry place.