1. Hearing impaired students who are under sixteen years of age and hearing impaired adults in possession of the Pink Card are entitled for free hearing aids from the ENT Department.
  2. Hearing impaired students under the age of three, receive the service of the Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) at home.  Hearing impaired students are followed by the ToD at their respective primary, middle, or secondary school.
  3. Hearing impaired children receive regular speech language pathology sessions either at the speech language clinics at the Gozo General Hospital, Mater Dei Hospital and Health Centres in Malta  or at their respective primary school if attending state school.
  4. The University of Malta provides special access arrangements to hearing impaired students during SEC and MATSEC exams. For more information visit
  5. The ACCESS – Disability Support Unit within the University of Malta also provides opportunities to students with hearing impairment to enable them to continue their studies at post secondary and tertiary levels. 
  6. Parents of hearing impaired children are entitled to receive a disability allowance. After the age of sixteen, hearing impaired persons start receiving the disability pension. They are still entitled to receive this pension even if they find employment. 
  7. In Malta, evening classes in ‘lip reading’ and in Maltese Sign Language are provided by the Lifelong Directorate.  In Gozo, courses in Maltese Sign Language are provided periodically at the Centre of the Gozo Association for the Deaf (G.A.D.).
  8. Hearing impaired persons can be exempted from the registration fee, taxes and VAT (wholly or partly) on newly bought cars. It is important to apply for these exemptions before the purchase is settled with the car dealer. For more information visit
  9. Hearing impaired persons benefit from five years of free road licence. From the sixth year, if they already own a car or decide to buy one,  they shall pay only 50% of the road licence. If they  buy a car and register it on their name but don’t drive it themselves, they still can benefit from a subsidy.
  10. During the theory exam for the car licence, hearing impaired persons can be accompanied by an interpreter in Maltese Sign Language or a communicator to help them when they have a problem in understanding the carrier language in the test.
  11. Aġenzija Sapport and the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF) offer hearing impaired persons financial assistance to be able to buy special equipment which can be used to lead an independent life.
  12. When buying a computer and other accessories, the Commission for the Rights of Persons (CRPD) with Disability refunds the VAT paid on them.
  13. The G.A.D. offers the service of an audiologist. It also sells hearing aid batteries and other accessories at a subsidized price.
  14. The G.A.D. provides free hearing aid tests to check the functionality of personal hearing aids.
  15. Aġenzija Sapport offers the service of interpretation between the Maltese Sign Language and the Maltese/English spoken Language and vice versa.
  16. The Deaf People Association (Malta) organizes a Holy Mass at the chapel of the University of Malta every Saturday at 7.30pm. A sign language interpreter interprets the readings and sermon.



  1. When buying hearing aids, hearing impaired persons can apply for the Empowerment Scheme offered by Aġenzija Sapport and receive financial help.
  2. The Gozo Channel ticket is free of charge.
  3. SID users can apply for the Public Transport Card and benefit from a subsidised price.
  4. The Housing Department help persons with mobility problems to make their home more accessible.
  5. Free transport for health services may be acquired by appointment.
  6. Sports and cultural activities tickets can sometimes be offered free of charge.
  7. SID users receive a disability pension from the Social Security Department.
  8. The Lino Spiteri Foundation (part of the Jobsplus) helps persons with special needs to find a job.
  9. The MCCF helps financially when assistive or medical equipment is bought.