Questions parents might want to ask at an audiology appointment.

1. Could we get a copy of the test (audiogram) to take home?
2. What does this test (audiogram) mean?
3. What caused the hearing loss?
4. What tests were carried out on my child? Do we need to carry out more tests?
5. What type of loss does my child have? Can you explain the type of loss? (sensorineural, conductive or mixed)
6. Are there any other health clinics where we should take our child to undergo further testing? Example: eye testing, genetic testing, scans, etc.
7. What will happen to my child’s hearing as he/she grows up? Will his/her hearing ever become better?
8. What type of hearing aid is appropriate for my child’s hearing loss? Is it available from the Department of Health? How long do we have to wait to be provided with the appropriate device?
9. How often do we need to check my child’s hearing?
10. Is it necessary for all members of the family to have a hearing test?
11. How would the hearing loss affect school? Will my child be able to follow all lessons?
12. What will my child be able to hear once adequately fitted with hearing aids?